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I am a long term collector based in the UK and until relatively recently, was dealing in cigarette and trade cards over a period of quite a few years.   Around 80% of my Internet sales have been to the States.

I am currently cutting back on my eBay listings, as I have now ceased trading, but intend to continue listing on an infrequent basis, as and when I have anything worth selling, or if I decide to part with cards from my personal collection.

Where possible, I do try to supply cards in Excellent to near Mint condition as this suits the requirement of a vast proportion of UK collectors and increasingly, overseas collectors, too. As with antiques in general, condition is important if you are buying for investment.

For the convenience of my overseas customers, I am registered with Paypal, but can also handle personal US $$ checks, bank money orders and standard domestic (green) U.S.P.S. type money orders (International variety is NOT essential as I have a very flexible Bank). Cash $$$ (U.S./AUS/CAN/Euros) are also O.K., although I do not recommend entrusting more than small amounts to our respective postal systems!!

If you are a successful bidder in my auction and reside in the U.S.A., please allow 4 - 8 days for receipt of your card(s), after I have confirmed arrival of your payment. The Royal Mail advise that this is how long it can take!  (Worst on record in almost two years of trading was 5 weeks (!!!) but the card arrived in the end.). Cards are posted within two or three days of receipt of payment - regrettably I am now working full time and it is not always easy getting to the Post Office. As eBay is 'built on trust', I do not wait for cheques to clear and have rarely been let down by my customers!!! Any problems - Please let me know as soon as possible - as most missing cards are replaceable!!!

Should you require any further information, please contact me on this link: RICHARD at Brit-Cards

Writing and Publishing

I am currently working on 2 novels, as well as 2 works of non-fiction. If anyone is interested, I also have down-loadable poetry available on - most of it is free, one or two cost a few cents (payable via Paypal). Please use this link to directly access current submissions on Lulu.

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